Thursday, 9 May 2013

A second tentative entry

I'm currently reading The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 23  edited by Stephen Jones in a vain attempt to inspire my own writing. I am drawn to writing not so much traditional horror but uncanny fiction - less screams but more a sense of being unsettled. However, a great deal of horror fiction already appears to have taken that direction. One of my favourite stories in the collection is Michael Marshall Smith's 'Sad, Dark Thing' which is a truly unsettling tale about loss and emotional suffering. What comes through many such stories is a sense of quiet turmoil rather than abject terror. Not that I completely reject visceral fear - we all need a damn good scare from time to time.


It's been sometime since I've played War Machine and I'm starting to hanker for a return to the tabletop. I'm keen to rediscover the rules and look to create tactical plans which will lay waste to my enemies. Translation: I'm looking forward to arguing over interpretations of rules and trying to launch flanking maneuvers which ultimately end in shameful defeat for my Menoth forces. Good times!